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Amarok 2.1

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Have you already downgraded Amarok back to 1.4? You may want to reconsider. I did! Amarok 2.1 is the real deal. Check out the screencast I made (available in HD) and read the release notes. You won’t look back again.

Pidgin Twitter Plugin

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This is a part of the microblog-purple project which aims to add microblog support to libpurple based clients. It allows you to quickly receive and update your Twitter messages from a Pidgin conversation window. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux. The project home page only links to

Amarok 1.4 RPMs for Fedora 11

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If you’re like me and hate the way Amarok changed with v2 release then you’re probably still using the old 1.4. Thanks to you can find RPM packages for Fedora 11 here (both i386 and x86_64). Enjoy!


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Ever had to deal with untagged mp3’s or general audio files with no tags at all? Did you try to rip your audio CD  but you didn’t use a proper software and, as a result, you now have a bunch of Track.* files? Are you a musician that records