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Compile Nvidia driver 331.17 against kernel 3.11

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Nvidia released a new beta driver 331.17 as a minor update to the previous beta driver 331.13. I wanted to do the update on my Fedora 19 machine running kernel 3.11 (I was still using the older 325.15 driver provided by the RPMFusion repository) and — not exactly unexpected

Nvidia 325.05.03 on Fedora 19

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Nvidia has released a beta driver sourced from the 325 branch which adds OpenGL 4.4 support. If you own a GPU built on Nvidia’s latest architectures (Fermi or Kepler) and you want to take advantage of the OpenGL 4.4 features then head over to the download page and grab

Easy upgrade to Fedora 19

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A new Fedora release came out early this month and I eventually decided to perform the upgrade from Fedora 18. Since I had bad experiences in the past with the older PreUpgrade GUI and I didn’t have the time to play with the new FedUP tool, I decided to

A peek at Fedora Rawhide

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Rawhide is the development version of Fedora which includes the latest upstream packages. At some point in the Fedora release schedule a fork (called branched release) is created to become the next stable Fedora and the rawhide version continues on its own. As of today Fedora Rawhide contains packages