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How to manually download, compile and install RHEL 6 updates

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As it turned out firefox 20 available from the Remi repository doesn’t install on earlier releases of RHEL6 (such as RHEL6.3), it is only compatible with RHEL 6.4 as its dependency xulrunner-last was compiled against newer versions of zlib and libjpeg-turbo. If you have an active RHEL 6.subscription you

Create a yum repository with custom GPG-signed RPM packages

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If you want to distribute RPMs to multiple machines that use yum (e.g. Red Hat / CentOS, Fedora) it is easier to create your own yum repository and populate it with packages. You can include any rpm you want provided that the package license allows distribution (I initially wanted

RPMize your Humble Bundle Linux games for Fedora 17/18

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If you ever bought a Humble Bundle game pack you already know they provide game installers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux (some packs also support Android) in addition to a Steam / Desura activation key. While the installers are fine (usually tar.gz or sh), using more of them

Recover the RPM database on Fedora 18

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RPM is a package management tool, a core component of many Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS and many others. It stores information about software packages in its own database which is available under /var/lib/rpm. Sometimes the database can become corrupted so any attempt to make use