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RHEL7 initial repo setup

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The default Red Hat installation doesn’t activate any official yum repositories automatically, so this shows how to do that. I am using the Red Hat Developer subscription which allows one to download and use RHEL for personal purposes (i.e. non-comercial).After the OS installation and reboot no repos are available

Upgrade to CentOS 7

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Last month Red Hat released RHEL 7 and few days ago CentOS announced the GA of CentOS 7. As you may know, starting RHEL 7 Red Hat introduces support for upgrading to major releases (RHEL 6.5 –> RHEL 7) via a tool called redhat-upgrade-tool. Not sure if this is

Software Collections on RHEL6/CentOS6

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Some months ago Red Hat introduced Red Hat Software Collections 1.0 Beta (which was later released) which is essentially a software suite that as of the first release 1.0 introduces newer versions of programming languages such as Python 2.7 and 3.3, PHP 5.4, Perl 5.6.13 and databases MariaDB /

RHEL 6.3 to RHEL 6.4 upgrade

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Unlike its derivatives (e.g. CentOS, Scientific Linux) Red Hat Enterprise Linux requires an active (i.e. paid) subscription to get access to OS updates, however Red Hat does provide evaluation copies for RHEL so it is technically possible to upgrade an existing OS installation. Note that this is only presented