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Firefox 20 released for Fedora 15/16 and EL6

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Remi released new versions of Firefox for Fedora 15, 16 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and clones. The new update (firefox 20) improves performance and resolves a few critical security bugs but also adds some new features like the new download “experience” (which is now basically the same

Firefox 19 available for RHEL6/CentOS6

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Remi published Firefox 19 for older Fedora releases (Fedora 15 and 16) as well as for RHEL6 and other enterprise clones (CentOS, Scientific Linux). The update is surely welcome for those who use CentOS 6 as a desktop OS (myself included) and don’t want to stick with the default

Firefox 19 brings native PDF support

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Yes, finally. The pdf viewer is actually the only new feature in firefox 19, other changes are mainly bug fixes and improved functionality. No longer do we need to use the crappy Adobe Reader plugin which makes firefox even more RAM consuming than it already is. More info:  

Firefox bookmarks

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By default firefox saves your bookmarks to [code lang=”bash”]~/.mozilla/firefox/$PROFILE.default/bookmarkbackups[/code] You can see there a bunch of *.json files. [code lang=”bash”]ls   ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/bookmarkbackups bookmarks-2010-07-07.json  bookmarks-2010-07-29.json  bookmarks-2010-08-03.json  bookmarks-2010-08-05.json  bookmarks-2010-08-06.json  bookmarks-2010-08-10.json[/code] If you use more than one machine or you’ve recently changed / reinstalled your OS and you want to restore the old