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Install VMware Tools on RHEL7

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 7) installs open-vm-tools (the open source implementation of VMware tools) automatically when the OS is deployed as guest in a virtualized environment. If for whatever reason you want to replace it with the licensed VMware tools here’s what you need to do. 1. Trigger

Inplace migration from Oracle Linux 7 to CentOS 7

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This is my 2nd attempt to migrate from Oracle Linux to CentOS; a while ago I tested it with success on OL6.4. This time I’m using an OL7 VM instance with a default desktop installation. Having 3rd party repositories installed on OL7 should not cause any issues when switching

Randomizing cron scheduling across multiple servers

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This is not about running cron at random hours every time on each server, but configuring different time schedules for multiple machines. This is especially useful when dealing with many servers as having the same cron entries on all of them might affect LAN / WAN bandwidth or increase

Enable verbose boot on RHEL-like distros

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This might be a non-issue for most desktop users and also for some system administrators who don’t mind hitting the ESC key to exit the graphical boot when doing maintenance tasks remotely, but it is certainly annoying when having to do it over KVM sessions repeatedly. For some reason