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Desura on CentOS7

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After a lot of time the Desura client for Linux finally received an update. It wasn’t without issues, many users complained about not being able to install it properly due to unresolved library dependencies. The latest release (build 120.26, as of today) still doesn’t work out of the box

How to install Steam on CentOS 7

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CentOS 7 is out and it will likely prove to be a great alternative for Fedora. CentOS 6 was also a good choice, but it lacked many features of a modern desktop since its core was based on Fedora 12-13. The latest CentOS 7 derives from RHEL 7 which

RPMize your Humble Bundle Linux games for Fedora 17/18

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If you ever bought a Humble Bundle game pack you already know they provide game installers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux (some packs also support Android) in addition to a Steam / Desura activation key. While the installers are fine (usually tar.gz or sh), using more of them

Humble Bundle with Android 5

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A new Humble Bundle game pack is available for the next 14 days. It is the 5th bundle to include Android versions of games. Pay what you want for 4 DRM free games and if you beat the average price you unlock 2 additional games. You get installers for