Install Electrum-VTC on Centos 7

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I did this on CentOS 7.4 but it should work the same for any future minor OS release. By default Electrum-VTC 2.9.3 (an official wallet for the Vertcoin cryptocurrency) does not run on CentOS/RHEL 7 instances as it is missing some required libraries and symlinks. After extracting the tar.gz

Testing an overclocked CPU on Linux

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I’m in the process of tweaking / upgrading my PC for better performance. Just a minor upgrade as I think I can still make use of the old AMD FX8350 on my daily work, at least for a while. I’ll wait for the next year’s AMD CPU releases and

Desura on CentOS7

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After a lot of time the Desura client for Linux finally received an update. It wasn’t without issues, many users complained about not being able to install it properly due to unresolved library dependencies. The latest release (build 120.26, as of today) still doesn’t work out of the box

Inplace migration from Oracle Linux 7 to CentOS 7

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This is my 2nd attempt to migrate from Oracle Linux to CentOS; a while ago I tested it with success on OL6.4. This time I’m using an OL7 VM instance with a default desktop installation. Having 3rd party repositories installed on OL7 should not cause any issues when switching