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How to enable Java console on RPM-based Linux systems

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Java Console is a debugging tool which displays the standard output (System.out) and error (System.err) streams from applications and applets running through Java Web Start (javaws) or the Java Plugin (, respectively. It is particularly used for troubleshooting, but it is not enabled by default so it has to

Nvidia introduces support for 3.11 and newer kernels

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A week after releasing a new Beta driver 331.17 which didn’t compile by default on kernels >=3.11 Nvidia finally releases support for latest kernels in form of official patches that can be applied to the existing Nvidia driver installers. As of now the support is limited due to changes

Running rsyslog v7 on CentOS6

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I was inspired by today’s comments on my other rsyslog post and decided to write a small howto about upgrading the rsyslog daemon on CentOS 6 / RHEL 6. As you might know CentOS6 comes with rsyslog v5 by default and it is the only release available within the

Compile Nvidia driver 331.17 against kernel 3.11

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Nvidia released a new beta driver 331.17 as a minor update to the previous beta driver 331.13. I wanted to do the update on my Fedora 19 machine running kernel 3.11 (I was still using the older 325.15 driver provided by the RPMFusion repository) and — not exactly unexpected