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Desura on CentOS7

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After a lot of time the Desura client for Linux finally received an update. It wasn’t without issues, many users complained about not being able to install it properly due to unresolved library dependencies. The latest release (build 120.26, as of today) still doesn’t work out of the box

Speak of the devil…

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…and he shall appear! Hours ago I wrote a post about Desura and how it became more popular with the help of the Indie game bundles and now another one has just been released. Indie Royale (a collaboration between Desura and gives you The Mash Bundle. Pay once

Desura on Fedora 18

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Desura is a nice alternative to Steam for buying, installing and running games on Linux. While not as popular as the latter, it was the first digital distribution application which introduced support for Linux games and game mods. Having a rather slow start Desura became popular with the release