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What’s the fuss about the new Ubuntu font?

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Cannonical Design announced new fonts that will available in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Merrkat. Then, they said the fonts will be made public on August 8th. Meanwhile, the Kubuntu-users mailing list gives notice that members of the ~kubuntu-users team on launchpad can now test the Ubuntu font which is currently

Limited time offer from Codeweavers!!!!!!111

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A few days ago (June 30th) I received an email from CodeWeavers announcing a limited time offer to purchase one of their products. The problem was the offer had already expired since it was only available until June 5th. This could be a mistake I guess, so if anybody

Linux FAQ on Google

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Although Linux is a mature OS now (15+ years old) people are still wondering what’s it like or how good is it. As I said in a previous post I don’t think Linux is for everyone. It sure isn’t for those people that ask stupid questions an Google, looking

Squirrelmail test script

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Those of you that are familiar with Squirrelmail know that it uses a script to perform general checking “to make sure everything works like it should” <– quote from the INSTALL readme file. While I can agree this is actually useful as it can detect errors such as wrong