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Upgrade VirtualBox on Fedora 14

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VirtualBox received a major update a few weeks ago. The latest version 4.0 adds changes to the interface (now called VirtualBox Manager), new virtual hardware and a number of fixes which you can see in the changelog. Here’s how you can update your existing Vbox 3.x installation on Fedora


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Oracle OpenOffice 3.3.0 Beta has been released. I gave it a try on my OpenSolaris machine. The installation is pretty basic — download the tarball from, unpack it, then run the setup shell script to install. This new development version can co-exist with older OpenOffice instances on your

Firefox bookmarks

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By default firefox saves your bookmarks to [code lang=”bash”]~/.mozilla/firefox/$PROFILE.default/bookmarkbackups[/code] You can see there a bunch of *.json files. [code lang=”bash”]ls   ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/bookmarkbackups bookmarks-2010-07-07.json  bookmarks-2010-07-29.json  bookmarks-2010-08-03.json  bookmarks-2010-08-05.json  bookmarks-2010-08-06.json  bookmarks-2010-08-10.json[/code] If you use more than one machine or you’ve recently changed / reinstalled your OS and you want to restore the old

Thunderbird 3.1.2 on Fedora

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Thunderbird 3.1.2 has been released, adding fixes to improve stability and the user interface. I’m using Fedora 13 and the update isn’t available yet in the official repositories. I could use an unofficial repo, such as Remi, to get the updates more quickly, but the easiest way for me