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Install VMware Tools on RHEL7

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL 7) installs open-vm-tools (the open source implementation of VMware tools) automatically when the OS is deployed as guest in a virtualized environment. If for whatever reason you want to replace it with the licensed VMware tools here’s what you need to do. 1. Trigger

VMware reloaded

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Got the latest VMware Workstation (6.5.2). The release notes file didn’t say anything about kernel support. I was hoping for 2.6.29 support. The previous WS version (6.5.1) didn’t compile and an unofficial patch was required to make it work. Did anything change with this release? No. What do you

VMware arrow keys issues

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After a kernel update on Fedora 10 followed by a reboot and VMware reconfiguration (vmware-config.pl) the arrow keys inside the Guest OS got all messed up. None of them seemed to work anymore (neither did Home, End, Page Up, Page Down). This issue is quite old and VMware doesn’t