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Compile latest ffmpeg and vlc on CentOS 6

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This guide is for those who want the latest vlc player and the ffmpeg tool on CentOS 6. I used to not care much about the vlc version as long as it was able to play my content. This changed recently when I tried to play a video encoded

GPU benchmark tools for Linux

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Unigine Corp is an international company specialized in real-time 3D products based on their own 3D engine Unigine. They designed the strategy game Oil Rush and they also provide GPU benchmarking tools for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X which are free for personal use. The most popular one

Compile VLC 1.1.2 on Fedora 13

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Most Linux distributions don’t always provide latest versions for all packages within the official repository (e.g. the current VLC version in Fedora 13 is 1.0.6, theĀ  one from the Rawhide repo — which includes packages for the next Fedora release — is 1.1.0, but the latest release as of