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Amarok 2.X proxy settings

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I’ve been looking for a workaround for quite a while since Amarok developers didn’t put this on top of their priority list. As of version 2.1.1 the player still doesn’t have a proxy setting option in the Settings menu and this can get really annoying when you deal with

Amarok Lyricwiki

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No comment… ipod scrobbling

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If you have an iPod you’re probably not always in front of your Linux PC listening to music using your favourite music player. That way you won’t have your profile page automatically updated with recently listened tracks. So what do you do? Use can use Linux client

Amarok 2.1

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Have you already downgraded Amarok back to 1.4? You may want to reconsider. I did! Amarok 2.1 is the real deal. Check out the screencast I made (available in HD) and read the release notes. You won’t look back again.