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Compile Nvidia driver 331.17 against kernel 3.11

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Nvidia released a new beta driver 331.17 as a minor update to the previous beta driver 331.13. I wanted to do the update on my Fedora 19 machine running kernel 3.11 (I was still using the older 325.15 driver provided by the RPMFusion repository) and — not exactly unexpected

Nvidia drivers on Fedora 18 with kernel 3.8

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It appears the workaround to allow the Nvidia 313.18 driver installation on Fedora 18 running 3.7.x kernels doesn’t work with the recently released 3.8.1 kernel. I found another workaround to install the Nvidia drivers for 3.8 kernels, so here it is:   Create a patch file and save it

Kdump on CentOS 6

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kdump is part of the kexec-tools package which provides the kexec binary that facilitates a new kernel to boot using the kernel’s kexec feature either on a normal or a panic reboot. With the help of kdump, kexec and a debug kernel, one can have a much higher chance

Kernel crashes explained

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Kernel failures, crashes, panics and oopses? Do these sound familiar to you? If not you may want to read dedoimedo’s Linux Kernel Crash Book. It is a step-by-step guide to introduce you to kernel crashes and crash analysis, written with simplicity in mind, accessible even to Linux beginners. You’ll