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Amarok 2.1

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Have you already downgraded Amarok back to 1.4? You may want to reconsider. I did! Amarok 2.1 is the real deal. Check out the screencast I made (available in HD) and read the release notes. You won’t look back again.

Setup Apache with SSL on Slackware

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I’ve recorded another screencast showing how to setup Apache with SSL enabled on Slackware Linux. I used my previous Slackware 12.2 installation and the video is available on vimeo (again, registered vimeo users can download the original AVI version).

Slackware 12.2 installation

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Slackware 12.2 was recently released. The announcement reveals important new features such as kernel, HAL support and new development tools. A complete list of packages can be found here. Slackware still uses a text installation and manual partitioning is needed before the setup is started. I’ve recorded a