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How to install Steam on CentOS 7

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CentOS 7 is out and it will likely prove to be a great alternative for Fedora. CentOS 6 was also a good choice, but it lacked many features of a modern desktop since its core was based on Fedora 12-13. The latest CentOS 7 derives from RHEL 7 which

How to setup the 32-bit flash plugin for Steam on 64-bit Fedora

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As of today the Steam client for Linux is only offered in 32-bit format. It can be easily installed on 64-bit distributions such as Fedora 18 by the help of the 32-bit dependencies which are available in the OS package repositories, but to fully support Steam on 64-bit Linux

RPMize your Humble Bundle Linux games for Fedora 17/18

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If you ever bought a Humble Bundle game pack you already know they provide game installers for Windows, Mac OS and Linux (some packs also support Android) in addition to a Steam / Desura activation key. While the installers are fine (usually tar.gz or sh), using more of them

Humble Bundle with Android 5

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A new Humble Bundle game pack is available for the next 14 days. It is the 5th bundle to include Android versions of games. Pay what you want for 4 DRM free games and if you beat the average price you unlock 2 additional games. You get installers for