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Nvidia drivers on Fedora 18 with kernel 3.8

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It appears the workaround to allow the Nvidia 313.18 driver installation on Fedora 18 running 3.7.x kernels doesn’t work with the recently released 3.8.1 kernel. I found another workaround to install the Nvidia drivers for 3.8 kernels, so here it is:   Create a patch file and save it

Recover the RPM database on Fedora 18

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RPM is a package management tool, a core component of many Linux distributions such as Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS and many others. It stores information about software packages in its own database which is available under /var/lib/rpm. Sometimes the database can become corrupted so any attempt to make use

Disable nouveau on Fedora 18

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If you use the Nvidia driver on Fedora 18 you must have learned by now that it conflicts with the nouveau driver which is the accelerated open source driver for Nvidia cards, so you shouldn’t run both modules at the same time. There are several ways to disable nouveau,

How to install Steam on Fedora 18

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As Steam for Linux is now available (with a sale to celebrate that) you might want to run Steam natively on your Linux OS rather than wrapped in wine. Even though Valve only offers Ubuntu packages for download, the Steam client can also be installed on other Linux distros.