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alias is a built-in Linux command that defines shortcuts to longer (sets of) commands. The alias name is in fact a link to another command or command sequence. The Bash shell system wide aliases are set in /etc/bashrc, while users can define their own in ~/.bashrc. [code lang=”bash”] $

Changing themes in Firefox

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Recent Firefox versions (3.6.X) have introduced a new way to install themes. Called ‘personas’, themes can be accessed, previewed and installed at I’ve recorded a screencast to show you how easy it is to do that. You can find more info at

This is ridiculous

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/dev/sda2              99M   57M   37M  61% /boot The above is the output of df -h on my Fedora 12 system. It shows the 100MB /boot partition that I’ve manually created during the installation and I think it should suffice for most of the users. Fedora doesn’t think the same. I

Squirrelmail test script

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Those of you that are familiar with Squirrelmail know that it uses a script to perform general checking “to make sure everything works like it should” <– quote from the INSTALL readme file. While I can agree this is actually useful as it can detect errors such as wrong