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VirtualBox 4.1.26 and 4.2.12 released

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Oracle released updated versions for two of the current Virtual Box branches 4.1 and 4.2. Both of them include updates to improve stability and fix regressions. Apart from the usual bug fixes there are a few that are worth mentioning:   Virtual Box 4.1.26 (changelog) guest additions compile fix

GPU benchmark tools for Linux

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Unigine Corp is an international company specialized in real-time 3D products based on their own 3D engine Unigine. They designed the strategy game Oil Rush and they also provide GPU benchmarking tools for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X which are free for personal use. The most popular one

Firefox 20 released for Fedora 15/16 and EL6

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Remi released new versions of Firefox for Fedora 15, 16 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and clones. The new update (firefox 20) improves performance and resolves a few critical security bugs but also adds some new features like the new download “experience” (which is now basically the same

Running multiple Python versions on CentOS6/RHEL6/SL6

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The default RHEL6.x installation comes with python 2.6.6 but some people (mostly developers) need newer versions of python (either 2.7.3 or 3.3). Upgrading the existing python packages is not recommended as it would likely cause issues with the OS, so the only way is to install the other version(s)