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RHEL 6.3 to RHEL 6.4 upgrade

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Unlike its derivatives (e.g. CentOS, Scientific Linux) Red Hat Enterprise Linux requires an active (i.e. paid) subscription to get access to OS updates, however Red Hat does provide evaluation copies for RHEL so it is technically possible to upgrade an existing OS installation. Note that this is only presented

Google Chrome 28 on RHEL6/CentOS6

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As you might know, Google Chrome is no longer supported on older enterprise Linux distributions such as RHEL6 and clones. The system requirements page only shows recent versions of Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Debian and Fedora under the supported OS list. Luckily I found this very useful guide to install it.

Easy upgrade to Fedora 19

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A new Fedora release came out early this month and I eventually decided to perform the upgrade from Fedora 18. Since I had bad experiences in the past with the older PreUpgrade GUI and I didn’t have the time to play with the new FedUP tool, I decided to

How to manually download, compile and install RHEL 6 updates

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As it turned out firefox 20 available from the Remi repository doesn’t install on earlier releases of RHEL6 (such as RHEL6.3), it is only compatible with RHEL 6.4 as its dependency xulrunner-last was compiled against newer versions of zlib and libjpeg-turbo. If you have an active RHEL 6.subscription you