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Kaspersky Rescue Disk

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I wouldn’t have bothered trying out Kaspersky Rescue Disk if it wasn’t for a friend who asked me to help him troubleshoot his Windows machine which got infected by a virus. I was surprised to find that this rescue disk is in fact a Linux image which includes the

Install the Nimbus theme on Centos6/RHEL6

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CentOS 6 is great OS for desktop use but the default Gnome installation doesn’t look so good and the available themes are not of much help. I find the Nimbus engine (the old OpenSolaris GTK theme) to be a great choice to revive the old Gnome 2. The easiest

A peek at Fedora Rawhide

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Rawhide is the development version of Fedora which includes the latest upstream packages. At some point in the Fedora release schedule a fork (called branched release) is created to become the next stable Fedora and the rawhide version continues on its own. As of today Fedora Rawhide contains packages

First attempt at nested virtualization

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Standard virtualization uses the physical machine as the host hypervisor which allows one to install virtual machines called guests. In nested virtualization the hypervisor is also a guest running inside a virtual environment and it can host its own virtual machines. Basically nested virtualization allows one to install a