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How to configure remote logging on RHEL6/CentOS6

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Remote logging is a feature supported by rsyslog, the default syslog daemon in RHEL6 / CentOS 6. Having the local log files stored on a remote system is good practice, as it protects the logs integrity in case of a local attack. With the default rsyslog RHEL6 configuration it

Create a yum repository with custom GPG-signed RPM packages

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If you want to distribute RPMs to multiple machines that use yum (e.g. Red Hat / CentOS, Fedora) it is easier to create your own yum repository and populate it with packages. You can include any rpm you want provided that the package license allows distribution (I initially wanted

How to setup the 32-bit flash plugin for Steam on 64-bit Fedora

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As of today the Steam client for Linux is only offered in 32-bit format. It can be easily installed on 64-bit distributions such as Fedora 18 by the help of the 32-bit dependencies which are available in the OS package repositories, but to fully support Steam on 64-bit Linux

Compile latest ffmpeg and vlc on CentOS 6

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This guide is for those who want the latest vlc player and the ffmpeg tool on CentOS 6. I used to not care much about the vlc version as long as it was able to play my content. This changed recently when I tried to play a video encoded