VirtualBox 4.1.26 and 4.2.12 released

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Oracle released updated versions for two of the current Virtual Box branches 4.1 and 4.2. Both of them include updates to improve stability and fix regressions. Apart from the usual bug fixes there are a few that are worth mentioning:


Virtual Box 4.1.26 (changelog)

  • guest additions compile fix for kernel 3.8 and 3.9
  • fall-back to vesa driver on RedHat-based guests if vboxvideo fails to load (this was a really annoying bug since the alternative was to switch to a TTY to kill the failed X session and that was not always working)


Virtual Box 4.2.12 (changelog)

  • X.Org Server 1.14 support


Both versions

  • guest additions compile fix for RHEL/OL/CentOS 6.4 guests (another annoying bug with a simple fix)
  • guest additions compile fix for Debian Linux kernel 3.2.0-4


With this latest update Fedora Rawhide (as of today running Xorg-1.14 and kernelĀ 3.9.0-0.rc6.git2.1.fc20.x86_64) is now fully supported as seen in the screenshot below. To run the latest 4.2 version on Fedora or RedHat/CentOSĀ  you can use the instructions from here.

Fedora Rawhide running on VirtualBox 4.2.12

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