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Amarok Lyricwiki

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Sysadmin Appreciation day

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Yes, I know there are numerous jokes and so called guides about system administrators that circulate all over the Internet. But today, Friday, July 31, we must make an exception as it’s their Appreciation Day. So please join me in letting them know we are all aware of their

Crossover Linux? No thanks!

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As you all know Crossover Linux 8.0 was announced a few days ago. New and “exciting” features such as IE7 and Outlook 2007 support are presented as “major development” by the company’s CEO. Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree. Come one, IE7? Not even IE8? And what’s with

redhat.com – 2nd round

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Read my other post first. At that time, I was the only one having trouble seeing the logo correctly. And I thought it was a compatibility issue with Firefox. Now it looks even worse. Apparently they’re trying to fix it as the page displayed a “Page not available” warning