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Fedora 11 coming closer

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Just a quick reminder: Fedora 11 Beta is due tomorrow, March 31th (one week later than the initial schedule). The feature list is almost 100% completed and I must say I’m impressed with it so far (I’m running Rawhide as I said before). Here’s two more screenshots:

Is Linux for you?

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I’m getting tired of seeing Linux-Windows comparison charts trying to convince Windows usersĀ  that Linux is better. I’m sick of the numerous forum boards where new users keep posting the sameĀ  stupid questions about the difference between *.exe and *.{sh/run/whatever} or NTFS and EXT3/4 file systems. Don’t you people

Gmail server error

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I’m trying to access gmail.com and I’m getting a 502 server error. This never happened to me before although I know there have been issues in the past. It’s been an hour already and it still doesn’t work. Update: some of my accounts are working now it’s on BBC

redhat.com – Firefox vs IE

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It’s about properly displaying this image. Most of us would expect Firefox to show it correctly, right? Wrong! Mozilla Firefox: Microsoft Internet Explorer: The web page is here, quite an important one I’d say.