This is ridiculous

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/dev/sda2              99M   57M   37M  61% /boot

The above is the output of df -h on my Fedora 12 system. It shows the 100MB /boot partition that I’ve manually created during the installation and I think it should suffice for most of the users. Fedora doesn’t think the same.

I had my first issues with the /boot size when I tried to use PreUpgrade to upgrade my OS. It didn’t work because it complained about not having enough space to copy the files. /boot was too small. Preupgrade needed at least 250MB. Today, Fedora 13 defaults to a 500MB /boot partition (!!!) just to avoid these issues.

I find it hard to digest, an unreasonable solution to this problem. This is an old bug in Preupgrade and they should have fixed it somehow by now.

I’m not OK with having a 500MB partition just to make sure an upgrade tool will work on my system, even though hard disks size is not a problem these days. I prefer upgrading using yum or the DVD.

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