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Read my other post first. At that time, I was the only one having trouble seeing the logo correctly. And I thought it was a compatibility issue with Firefox. Now it looks even worse. Apparently they’re trying to fix it as the page displayed a “Page not available” warning once or twice. How hard could it be?

As I said the page looks horrible. You can barely see the left menu, not to mention the logo which looks awful. Tried it on Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 (Fedora 11 Preview 64-bit), Firefox (Fedora 8 64-bit), Firefox (Windows XP), Internet Explorer 6 running using  IEs4Linux and finally Opera 9.64 (Fedora 11 64-bit). on Opera om Firefox 3.5

The page doesn’t look professional and that can’t be good for business.


The issue only appears when accessing the page using http so here’s the required link:

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