Nvidia 325.05.03 on Fedora 19

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Nvidia has released a beta driver sourced from the 325 branch which adds OpenGL 4.4 support. If you own a GPU built on Nvidia’s latest architectures (Fermi or Kepler) and you want to take advantage of the OpenGL 4.4 features then head over to the download page and grab the driver package for your platform (as of now manual installation is the only option since the driver was just release).

I tried it myself on Fedora 19. Unfortunately the driver still doesn’t compile out of the box on 3.10 kernels, but I found a patch for the 325.08 driver that can be modified to work with 325.05.03. Here’s what I did to install:


1. Switch to runlevel 3 and remove any existing Nvidia drivers


sudo /sbin/init 3
sudo yum remove `rpm -qa | grep nvidia`


2. Download the driver and the patch



3. Modify the patch and apply it


 Considering the files were downloaded to ~/Downloads/NVIDIA perform these steps:

cd ~/Downloads/NVIDIA
sed -i 's/325.08/325.05.03/g' nvidia-linux-3.10.patch
sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-325.05.03.run -x
cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-325.05.03
patch -p1 < nvidia-linux-3.10.patch


4. Install the driver and reboot


sudo ./nvidia-installer
sudo init 6


When the machine comes up again the driver should be active.


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