Is Linux for you?

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tuxI’m getting tired of seeing Linux-Windows comparison charts trying to convince Windows usersĀ  that Linux is better. I’m sick of the numerous forum boards where new users keep posting the sameĀ  stupid questions about the difference between *.exe and *.{sh/run/whatever} or NTFS and EXT3/4 file systems.

Don’t you people know how to use Google? Or you’re just too busy lazy and you’re looking for the easy way?

Do you find Linux complicated? Are you surprised that NTFS is not the only file system around? You find it hard to believe that there can be more than one executable file type on your computer? You don’t see the point in having access to all configuration files that make your OS work?

Then do yourself a favour. Don’t use it. It’s that simple. However, if you do try it you may experience the following:

case $linux_experience in


# you installed it for the first time with the help of a friend and you’re confused when:

  • you see a bunch of lines scrolling on your screen before the login prompt appears and you think you must be a geek to understand what each line means
  • you’re logged in and you see a default desktop that’s different (you feel insecure)
  • you courageously click the “Computer” icon but you close it immediately because the contents don’t look familiar
  • you try to navigate your Start menu (you get more confident, as it looks easy) but you can’t find anything familiar. If you can find Firefox you’re good.
  • you may need additional repositories (e.g. adobe). If you manage to install them with your friend’s help and you don’t find it hard, then you’re ok. If your friend adds the repos by using a terminal and that doesn’t scare you, you’re good. If you’re doing it all by yourself, you’re really good.



#you have Linux installed, you use dual boot, but you spend most of the time on your other OS. You’re still not convinced to make the switch because you:

  • can’t live without Photoshop (if you’re willing to learn GIMP you’re ok)
  • find it hard to use the console (if you used the cmd joke in the past you may find the Linux shell useful)
  • don’t see the need for so many updates (if you think this OS is broken and unsafe, then go back to your other OS)
  • can’t make your wireless card connect to your home router
  • can’t live a day without playing your favourite DX10 game



If you can survive these challenges then Linux is for you. However, you’ll need a lot of time to read documentation and man pages. You may experience errors and bugs that you won’t understand. You may have to search the Internet, submit bugs or compile your own packages.

Keep in mind that Linux is not easy!

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