Fedora 13 update issues

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Fedora Project announced two “unexpected bugs” that affect Fedora 13. It looks like some users can no longer see the package update notification in the main panel or apply the updates using the update applet.

Updated packages to fix these bugs were released 2 weeks ago, but the users were not prompted to install them, since the update applet was broken. Users who perform manual updates using yum are not affected.

To fix your system, you need to run yum as root:

  • to update all packages: [code lang=”bash”] yum –skip-broken update[/code]
  • to install updated versions to fix the two issues: [code lang=”bash”]yum –skip-broken update gnome-packagekit selinux-policy[/code]

After the installation a reboot is required / recommended depending on the option you choose.

More details on Fedora Project mailing list.

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