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EasyTAGEver had to deal with untagged mp3’s or general audio files with no tags at all? Did you try to rip your audio CD  but you didn’t use a proper software and, as a result, you now have a bunch of Track.* files? Are you a musician that records his own music (demo) and needs to pass that to someone else  (maybe a record company)? Do you often curse your mp3 (music) player for not displaying the audio content right? Have you ever raised an eyebrow when seeing a band such as Pantera tagged  as Tango?

Well, if your answer is yes to at least one of these questions then you are in desperate need for a TAG editor. That would be a software that allows you to change/edit the ID3 data. OK, that could work if you’re changing tags for a few files, but what do you do when you have hundreds or thousands of music files?

You use EasyTAG, of course.

It is a simple utility with an intuitive interface that can perform automatic searches on the Internet, by querying CDDB. That way, you don’t have to manually write ID3 tags for a whole album, you just have to search for the album and all tags are applied automatically.

EasyTAG - Search CDDB

EasyTAG - Apply CDDB tags

You can also add pictures inside the ID3 tag, generate custom tags based on filenames, create playlists and so on.

EasyTAG - Add TAG pictureRead more about EasyTAG on their website. It runs on multiple platforms (including Windows and Mac OS) and it’s GPL licensed. While they offer download links for packages built for several Linux distributions, I was happy to find it in the official Fedora 11 repository, so chances are it’s included in your favourite distro too.

Happy tagging!

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