Compile Nvidia driver 331.17 against kernel 3.11

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Nvidia released a new beta driver 331.17 as a minor update to the previous beta driver 331.13. I wanted to do the update on my Fedora 19 machine running kernel 3.11 (I was still using the older 325.15 driver provided by the RPMFusion repository) and — not exactly unexpected — the driver didn’t compile, it was the dkms kernel module build that failed. Luckily I found a fix that should work on all Linux systems running kernel 3.11.

Here’s what you need to do to compile the Nvidia driver 331.17 against kernel 3.11:


  • download the Nvidia installer

mkdir -p ~/Downloads/NVIDIA
cd ~/Downloads/NVIDIA


  • download the 3.11 patch

wget -O nvidia-3.11.patch


  • extract the installation files

sh --extract-only


  • apply the patch

cp nvidia-3.11.patch NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.17
cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-331.17
patch -p1 < nvidia-3.11.patch


  • run the Nvidia installer

sudo ./nvidia-installer

The patched installer should run without hiccups on all Linux flavors and the kernel module should build successfully and register with dkms.



Nvidia has released official patches to add compatibility for kernel 3.11 and newer so use those patches instead. Read more on my other post. Thanks!


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