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Migrate from Oracle Linux 6.4 to CentOS 6.4

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The following howto will show you how to migrate an Oracle Linux 6.4 OS instance to CentOS 6.4. In my tests I used a fully patched Oracle Linux 6.4 VM running Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel (UEK2) and the default package selection for Software Development Workstation.   1. Update the

Kaspersky Rescue Disk

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I wouldn’t have bothered trying out Kaspersky Rescue Disk if it wasn’t for a friend who asked me to help him troubleshoot his Windows machine which got infected by a virus. I was surprised to find that this rescue disk is in fact a Linux image which includes the

A peek at Fedora Rawhide

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Rawhide is the development version of Fedora which includes the latest upstream packages. At some point in the Fedora release schedule a fork (called branched release) is created to become the next stable Fedora and the rawhide version continues on its own. As of today Fedora Rawhide contains packages

CentOS 6.4 released

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Shortly after the release of RHEL 6.4, the community supported clone was announced today. CentOS-6.4 is based on the upstream release EL 6.4 and includes packages from all variants. All upstream repositories have been combined into one, to make it easier for end users to work with (CentOS 6.4