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VirtualBox 4.2.8 released

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VirtualBox 4.2.8 was announced as a maintenance release that addresses several bugs. Since I’ve recently moved to 4.2 from 4.1, I decided to perform this minor update as well (I usually don’t unless there’s some important bug fix that I want implemented). For those that don’t have Virtual Box

VirtualBox upgrade issues

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VirtualBox 4.2 has been released for quite a while but I didn’t want to migrate too soon from the stable 4.1. When I finally decided to make the switch I had some issues during the upgrade process. I was following the same simple steps that I took a while

VirtualBox 3.2.8

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A new maintenance release of Oracle VirtualBox has been announced. Vbox 3.2.8 is a minor update which fixes several performance and stability issues. Fedora and Ubuntu users who enabled the virtualbox repo should get notified and prompted to install the update. Links: changelog download page for all platforms