RIPLinux 7.7

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Don’t worry, Linux is not dead yet. And the $TITLE is not about a new RIP implementation on Linux. The name stands for Recovery Is Possible and it’s in fact a Slackware-based Live OS. It can be used for various tasks like maintenance, troubleshooting, rescuing an installed system, or – Firefox vs IE

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It’s about properly displaying this image. Most of us would expect Firefox to show it correctly, right? Wrong! Mozilla Firefox: Microsoft Internet Explorer: The web page is here, quite an important one I’d say.

Is this the future of Linux?

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I’ve been planning on writing a post about iMagicOS ever since version 2009 came out. I was surprised to see that someone could launch such a poor product and ask money for it. However, I was determined to just let it go, thinking that the developers were probably young,

Upgrade your Fedora system with PreUpgrade

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PreUpgrade is a Python tool that will make your life a lot easier should you decide to upgrade your Fedora OS. Using an easy and intuitive interface, it is designed to take care of all the things that anaconda normally handles during a regular upgrade. It downloads all new