Ripping Audio CDs

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BenedictionI’ve recently decided to rip all my Audio CDs, as I was only listening to them using Amarok on my PC and it was getting really difficult to manage my entire collection.

I tried several ripping software from Grip to Rubyripper and k3b but neither of them worked out of the box. There were issues with CDROM detection, ripping and/or encoding options not being detected as valid options for the encoder etc.

I was trying to convert Audio CDs to MP3 format using a high CBR of 320kbps. For that I needed lame MP3 encoder which was supported by all the above software.

I finally found Sound Juicer was the easiest to use for this purpose. It is available with almost every recent Linux distribution, it’s GNOME based and it has a very simple interface.edit_profiles

The following easy steps are required:

  • insert Audio CD
  • open Sound Juicer
  • go to Edit –> Preferences
  • choose CD Quality, MP3 (.mp3 type) under Format
  • click Edit Profiles and select CD Quality, MP3 then click Edit
  • replace the default GStreamer pipeline with this line:

audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc vbr=0 bitrate=320 ! id3v2mux

  • close all Preferences windows and click Extract


The resulting MP3 files are larger in size than VBR files.

Sound Juicer - MP3 files

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