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Funny Firefox

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The new Firefox 3.5 Beta has a funny way of displaying error messages (at least when it comes to not being able to restore a session).


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This is a Twitter widget in KDE 4.2 which allows you to quickly: post messages directly from your desktop, without accessing your Twitter home page get notified when you receive updates

Upgrade your Fedora system with PreUpgrade

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PreUpgrade is a Python tool that will make your life a lot easier should you decide to upgrade your Fedora OS. Using an easy and intuitive interface, it is designed to take care of all the things that anaconda normally handles during a regular upgrade. It downloads all new


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IEs4Linux is a tool that allows you to use Microsoft Internet Explorer on Linux. It uses Wine and it’s mostly useful for web developers that need multiple platforms for testing, but also for regular users browsing websites designed for IE. The installation is simple, just download the tarball and