Is this the future of Linux?

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logoI’ve been planning on writing a post about iMagicOS ever since version 2009 came out. I was surprised to see that someone could launch such a poor product and ask money for it. However, I was determined to just let it go, thinking that the developers were probably young, unexperienced and maybe too enthusiastic and they’d eventually either abandon the project or substantially improve it over the time.

Well… I was wrong!

In the meantime they released another version of their OS, 2009.3. Based on Hardy Heron, this new version has some important new features:

  • refreshing desktop the desktop is now a lot cleaner and easy to use (they must have removed ~/Desktop/*)
  • less bloatyou will notice that iMagic OS 2009.3 is a much slimmer and better structured system (?)
  • file manager Konqueror now combines a sleek blue and silver side bar, with useful features and places that will be familiar to all Windows users (they changed the sidebar color, what can I say, that’s a real improvement)
  • etc.

Not convinced to buy it yet?

Maybe this will make you decide:

  • it’s Microsoft compatible (you can install any application from this list and it will probably work…or not, thanks to CrossOver Linux which is included in this OS)
  • it comes in three different versions with six different prices (isn’t that cute?)


prices2So once you accept the license and swear you won’t install it on more than three computers, it gets more expensive!

Other things to consider

  • comes with three of the strongest firewalls available
  • phpBB forum board support (~ 20 threads so far)
  • you only pay 5$ if you want to upgrade from 2009
  • you get access to their private_packages section where you can get debs for hard to find binaries like Amarok, Kaffeine and Apache



iMagic OS is no more than another Lindows clone (it even uses CNR and a CNR clone called magicOnline) which obviously won’t attract Linux users (who have better options like Ubuntu/Fedora/OpenSuSE) but might sound interesting to a couple of Microsoft Windows users.

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