How to install Steam on CentOS 7

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CentOS 7 is out and it will likely prove to be a great alternative for Fedora. CentOS 6 was also a good choice, but it lacked many features of a modern desktop since its core was based on Fedora 12-13. The latest CentOS 7 derives from RHEL 7 which is primarily based on Fedora 19 “with several changes from 20 and later” and that gives it a great advantage over its predecessor.

I wanted to test the Steam native client as I never managed to install it properly on CentOS 6. It was one of the few reasons I still use Fedora on my PC (I’m not much into running the “latest and greatest” apps and features), but I am happy to say the new CentOS works flawlessly so I am seriously considering the switch.

My test was done on a machine which was recently installed with CentOS 7 using the GNOME desktop installation option. To install the Steam client I used the Fedora 19 official repository for Steam which is binary compatible with CentOS 7.

Here’s the detailed steps:


Install EPEL repo


– this is not mandatory but could prove beneficial for other package installations

yum install


Install RPMForge repo


– same as EPEL

yum install


Configure the official Steam repo


– output is for 64bit, for 32bit replace x86_64 in baseurl with i386 (you can browse all other repos here)

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/steam_fedora19.repo
name=Steam RPM packages (and dependencies) for Fedora


Install a dependency


– This is the only dependency not yet available via the standard or compatible repositories. Note that Steam on Linux is only 32-bit at the moment so install this even if you’re running a 64-bit OS

yum install


Install Steam


yum --enablerepo=steam_fedora19 install steam

Done, the Steam client installs successfully! To launch it either use the start entry in Applications –> Games or run it in the terminal with steam. Enjoy!

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