Euro key support on US keyboards

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Many of us are using US keyboards in EU countries and the keyboard layout only includes the $ (dollar) key. In order to use other currencies such as the Euro, you need to map the Euro symbol to a certain key combination.

On a Fedora system navigate to the System menu –> Preferences –> Keyboard then go to the Layouts tab, select the default layout (e.g. USA) then go to the Options box under Keyboard Model. Here, depending on your Fedora version, you’ll see a line “Adding EuroSign to certain keys” (Fedora 13) or “Adding currency signs to certain keys” (Fedora 14). Select a key that you want to use in combination with a so-called 3rd level key (I use the E key).
Then scroll down a bit and you’ll find the “Key to choose 3rd level” line which allows you to select a key or key combination to use with the E key above to create the Euro symbol (I use Left-CTRL).

That’s it. Now you’ll be able to type the Euro sign (€) by simply pressing Left-CTRL+E.

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