Crossover Linux? No thanks!

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As you all know Crossover Linux 8.0 was announced a few days ago. New and “exciting” features such as IE7 and Outlook 2007 support are presented as “major development” by the company’s CEO.

Sorry, but I have to strongly disagree. Come one, IE7? Not even IE8? And what’s with the poor gaming support? Counterstrike and Civilization IV? Is that all you can? Oh wait… There’s more, but most of them don’t work!

So why would someone pay for your product? To support wine? I’d agree with that, wine is a great project (being free and all) but that’s about it. It doesn’t run all Windows applications so why use it? I don’t need headaches and frustration, I have that already, so I prefer dual booting or using virtualization. I don’t want to have a native Windows environment on my machine. Wait…that is the actual Crossover goal??

Oh well…Here’s a screenshot with a successful IE7 installation. You won’t see that title for your favourite game.

Crossover Linux - IE7 installation

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